Natural Gas Refrigeration Unit

Natural Gas Refrigeration Unit

Ked India offers natural gas refrigeration with customized refrigeration plants according to customer specifications. Common applications for refrigeration units include dew point control and NGL recovery and fractionation. Many natural gas streams contain excessive amounts of liquefiable hydrocarbons. To prevent condensation of these during pipeline transport, the gas stream is dehydrated and cooled below any expected pipeline condition. Liquid product produced is stabilized for the required duty and the gas is warmed for transportation.

Ked India has all of your natural gas processing and treatment needs covered… whether you are an independent oil and gas producer, a midstream operator or major in need of a supplier, or a private interest. What do you think of when you hear the phrase Refrigeration Plant? There is not right or wrong answer. I guess the answer really depends on what industry is in the context. Refrigeration Plants come in all different shapes and sizes.

When it comes to natural gas, refrigeration plants can be very lucrative pieces of equipment. You may already know this but when natural gas is cooled to approximately -162 F it will change to a liquid form called natural gas liquids (NGL's). When natural gas is in a liquid form it is easier to transport through pipelines and freight. So then it can be sold and marketed and help companies gain revenue. But I have skipped a major step. Before natural gas can be refrigerated it needs to be treated.


Refrigeration system used to process oil and natural gas. The Ked India Refrigeration Type Liquids Recovery Mini-Plant is a modular process skid designed to mechanically condense natural gas liquids at temperatures as low as -40°F by using commercial refrigerants.


The process flow is similar for all size units. The incoming gas/vapor stream enters an interchange where the gas/vapor stream is pre-cooled by the cold outlet gas. A chemical injection pump injects atomized methanol into the gas vapor stream to prevent the formation of ice. The gas/vapor stream passes through a chiller where the temperature of the gas/vapor stream is lowered to that required to condense the designated vapors from the gas by indirect contact with a refrigerant.

Temperature control is achieved by the use of an electric or natural gas-fired reboiler. The heavier components flow from the stabilizer column bottom to storage. The lighter components flow overhead as vapors and can be used as a fuel or re-injected into the natural gas stream.


Gas processing and refrigeration unit used int he processing of natural gas and oil. All Ked India Refrigeration Systems are skid mounted and completely factory assembled, including all required equipment, instrumentation, piping and electrical components. The unit is charged with refrigerant and tested prior to shipment.

The BASIC SYSTEM consists of the following components:

  • Inlet/outlet gas interchanger
  • Separator
  • Gas chiller
  • Methanol injection pump (if required)
  • Refrigeration compressor, electric or gas engine drive
  • Liquid product booster pump (if required)
  • Refrigerant condenser, air cooled
  • Liquid product booster pump (if required)
  • Cryogenic refrigeration system
  • Electrical and control systems
  • Emergency shutdown system

The STABILIZING SYSTEM consists of the following additional components:

  • Stabilizer Column
  • Pressure control system
  • Reboiler (electric or gas)
  • Liquid discharge system
  • Re-circulation pump (if required)
  • Integrated control system
  • Reflux system

    The Ked India Refrigeration System can usually be installed in less than 1 day. Installation requires unloading of the unit and setting it on a level, stable foundation. The skid is designed to structurally support the unit and to equally distribute the weight of the skid components. No piers or special foundations are required.


    A Ked India factory-trained technician, if required, can be provided to supervise the initial startup, adjustment of the equipment, and the training of operators, at an additional cost

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