Our Process engineering group undertakes complete detailed engineering of process plants based on the package provided by the client. Various Process engineering services covered as part of detailed engineering are as listed below:

♦ Process Design Basis.

♦ Process Simulation Study to develop Mass & Heat balances.

♦ Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs).

♦ Development Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID).

♦ Utility list & summary preparation.

♦ Process Equipment Sizing calculation: Distillation Column, Heat Exchangers, Separators, Pressure Vessel, Storage Tank, Boilers, Compressor, Dryers etc.

♦ Pump rating,Sizing Calculations and specifications.

♦ Specifications for Control Valve.

♦ Hydraulic and Line Sizing Calculations.

♦ Relief Valve Sizing Calculations and Specifications.

♦ Development of Process Engineering Deliverables: Line List, Static & Rotating Equipment List, Datasheet for packaged items.

♦ Commissioning Philosophy.

♦ Preparation of Control & Shut Down Philosophy Report.

♦ As built Incorporation in Engineering Documents.

♦ Detailing support & drafting of P&ID, conceptual Equipment & Plant layout, Elevation drawing in 2D.