Skid Design

Skid Design

Skid design requires analysis of steel structures, equipment and piping. Due to the limited space of skids, it is essential to accurately simulate the skids, especially the borders. KED India engineers have affluent knowledge and experience in skid designs, hoisting environmental load analysis, dynamic and static analysis.

Ked India is among the biggest established structural design companies that support low-cost structural skids design solutions in India. A skid is a procedure system that includes a framework or structure comprising vessels, valves, pumps, instrumentation, etc. Ked India uses the newest available technology for example, typically, structural skids layouts for quicker, more precise deliverables. Our comprehension of the manufacture processes, processes, materials, prices, quality, and business codes help us designing gear that's as efficient, economical, and secure to fabricate as you can.

Working together with our global clients we look at our skids in-house, beginning with a site strategy, general specifications, and flow diagrams and end with functioning skids. We react quickly to our client's requests and stay flexible within our solutions.

Types of Skids

There are two types of skids and are discussed below: -

Lifting, Loading, and Transportation Skids

This analysis will guarantee that the skids could be raised, transported to the site, and resist environmental loads. Skids applications will have to meet business codes and customer specifications for these heaps and apply to some skids application.

Dynamic Skids

The dynamic skids are concentrated on rotating or reciprocating machines. It will evaluate the shaking and dynamic stress amplitudes from the skid arrangement and parts mounted on the skid to determine if alterations are required.

Skid Design Analysis - Ked India

  • Skid environmental load and transportation analysis
  • Skid dynamic analysis
  • Skid optimization
  • Analysis of vibration amplitude and frequency under dynamic loads

What makes us unique:

  • Deformation caused by hoisting can meet various industry standards and client's requirements
  • Size of lifting lugs can meet carious requirements
  • Accurate calculation of center of gravity
  • Load calculation of anchor bolts
  • FEA analysis of skid stress
  • Reinforcement design and equipment installation design
  • Reports include design advice, load analysis, and calculation results

Our Structural Skid Designs Benefits:

  • Skid design will comply with global standards and customer specifications
  • Ensure safe lifting, transport, and operation
  • Optimize skid costs, by reducing unnecessary costs
  • Ensure adequate stiffness (at key places ) to Prevent vibration issues for components mounted on the skids
  • Excellent reliability and cost-efficiency
  • Accurate FEA Models
  • Swift delivery
  • System design
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  • Design Tools Used for Skid Design Services
  • Tools: Aveva PDMS, Intergraph CADWorx, Intergraph CAESAR II, Intergraph PV Elite, Bentley Microstation, Bentley AutoPipe, Bentley STAAD.PRO, Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Plant3D.

Ked India: Best Skid Design Service Provider in India

Ked India has wealthy expertise in serving structural skids design services across the USA, Europe, Australia, and Canada using building code standards such as ASTM, ACI, CRSI, AS and BS according to customer specifications.

Ked India Provides Skid Construction Layouts and 3D modeling Alternatives for associations across major businesses to match their gear skid design requirements.

With precision and security as our guiding principles, our skid package layout focuses on supplying design efficiency to guarantee stringent adherence to landmarks, deadlines, regulations, and funding. We provide extreme proficiency in skid design by solving complex business challenges concerning distance optimization, utilizing process skid models and quicker execution of frequent plant update requirements for clients around the globe.

Skid layout requires an analysis of steel constructions, equipment, and piping. Because of the restricted space of skids, it's vital to correctly simulate the skids, particularly the boundaries. Ked India has rich wisdom and expertise in skid layouts, hoisting ecological load evaluation, dynamic and static evaluation.

It intends to evaluate skid pressure, deformation, vibration degree, encouraging lots, etc.

Skid Design and its Analysis

Skid Design and structural evaluation include static analysis and dynamic evaluation. Static analysis calculated the strain and deformation of skid in lifting and transport operation, while lively analysis computes the vibration level, lively stress, and deformation of compressors, motorists, and skid structures. The skid supporting lots is calculated by skid dynamic and static studies.

Ked India uses ANSYS applications to do skid design and structural evaluation. The applied loads contain weights of compressor packs (compressor, motorist, Skid, piping, etc.), unbalanced forces and moments of drivers and compressors, seismic loads, etc.

Inspired from the core principles of precision, quality, and Security, backed by innovative modeling tools and advanced software, our specialists and designers deliver extensive 3D modeling and skid structural design alternatives. Our service portfolio comprises pressure & flow management, condition monitoring, and ecological condition administration. Additionally, we also offer services regarding calculations of pipe and valve reduction together with structural calculations to decrease sound if needed. Our specialists have hands-on knowledge in handling intricate jobs of onshore and overseas skid design. Partner with us to get advanced and time-bound solutions.

Starting with the first meeting with the customer, through manufacture and setup, all measures of these tasks are intertwined. The achievement of every phase hinges on its predecessor. The procedure skid design stage of the job is among the essential phases which have a trickle-down influence on the rest of the undertaking.

The Need for Skid Designer and Analysis

Designers play a critical role in general job completion. A procedure Skid designer is going to take a pair of P&ID's and gear specifications and then create piping and structural designs. A finished product to get a designer is the comprehensive 3D drawing of this processing system. Criteria, and can efficiently finish a design given restricted plant real estate.

It appears easy, but with an experienced designer that's proficient In different layout, applications reduce the time necessary to finish a design. The less experienced that the developer gets, the more it takes to effectively navigate layout applications.

Among the harder aspects of a designer's project is that the understanding of business standards and choosing the most appropriate process skid design constructability. By way of instance, comprehending industry piping criteria can exponentially accelerate the design stage of a job.

Seasoned designers have observed more jobs, more obstacles, and many more Unique layout situations that prepare them for the upcoming challenging application which will come along. How is a skid that big supposed to browse ends from the setup path and match to a building?

At times the designer should have creative. Case-in-point: The Procedure Skid exhibited within this picture had to fit through a standard pair of double doors, browse three 90 degree turns, and then move below a row of pipe stands located just feet away from the final resting position.

During a series of site visits the job supervisor and the guide CAD Designer discovered the best choice to browse the tight space limits would be to design two different connectable procedure skids. The procedure skid design divide the operational purposes. Combined the two bits performed the entire operation but maybe split to self-contained modules with minimal work. The final two-part skid has been sent and successfully eliminated.

EPIC designers have years of experience and also have"been through the Gauntlet" of hard project situations. In Other Words, EPIC's designers"Do It Better."


The majority of compressor and pump packages are now mounted on steel skids or baseplates. Designing a skid for a new machinery package can be challenging because of these factors:

The skids must be designed to avoid resonance and vibration (from dynamic machinery and unbalanced forces and couples).

The industry is looking for lower cost packages. This can cause suppliers to reduce the skid cost which often results in detrimental decrease in skid stiffness. But an inappropriately designed skid will create vibration and reliability problems. In some cases, skids are considered too flimsy for the required application.

New designs must consider loading, lifting and transportation issues, as well as weight limitations. Pedestal height can also cause problems.

Environmental loads such as wind, wave, and seismic activity must meet a variety of different codes and standards.

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