Skid Design

Skid Design

Skid design requires analysis of steel structures, equipment and piping. Due to the limited space of skids, it is essential to accurately simulate the skids, especially the borders. KED India engineers have affluent knowledge and experience in skid designs, hoisting environmental load analysis, dynamic and static analysis.

KED India offers the following analyses:

Skid environmental load and transportation analysis

Skid dynamic analysis

Skid optimization

Analysis of vibration amplitude and frequency under dynamic loads

What makes us unique:

Deformation caused by hoisting can meet various industry standards and client's requirements

Size of lifting lugs can meet carious requirements

Accurate calculation of center of gravity

Load calculation of anchor bolts

FEA analysis of skid stress

Reinforcement design and equipment installation design

Reports include design advice, load analysis, and calculation results

KED India Advantages:

Excellent reliability and cost-efficiency

Accurate FEA Models

Swift delivery

System design

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Design Tools Used for Skid Design Services

Tools: Aveva PDMS, Intergraph CADWorx, Intergraph CAESAR II, Intergraph PV Elite, Bentley Microstation, Bentley AutoPipe, Bentley STAAD.PRO, Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Plant3D.


The majority of compressor and pump packages are now mounted on steel skids or baseplates. Designing a skid for a new machinery package can be challenging because of these factors:

The skids must be designed to avoid resonance and vibration (from dynamic machinery and unbalanced forces and couples).

The industry is looking for lower cost packages. This can cause suppliers to reduce the skid cost which often results in detrimental decrease in skid stiffness. But an inappropriately designed skid will create vibration and reliability problems. In some cases, skids are considered too flimsy for the required application.

New designs must consider loading, lifting and transportation issues, as well as weight limitations. Pedestal height can also cause problems.

Environmental loads such as wind, wave, and seismic activity must meet a variety of different codes and standards.

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